środa, 13 lipca 2016

Goodbye Sevilla

Unfortunately, the day of our leaving have come. After breakfast we finished packing. At about 12:00 we said goodbye to everyone and left the residence. At the airport we waited about 2 hours. The weather was really beautiful. We have safely arrived to Munich. Some of us fell asleep. At about 22:00 we left the airport and at 1:00 arrived to Cracow. We took our baggage and drove to school. Our parents were waiting for us. We really missed them.

Packing time

The day before our leaving we went to the company “HEXXON”. They were so pleasant that they printed our 3D models. When we came back to the residence, Anastazja gave us diplomas and certificates of passing Spanish course. After that Inma made Sangria for us – it was delicious. In the evening some of us started to pack up. Everybody was sad, because no one wanted to leave.

czwartek, 21 kwietnia 2016

Last Spanish

Today we had our last Spanish lesson and we had an exam. After the exam we had an outdoor competition. Then we went to SAFA school and we had to do a big project wich was a toy train. After that we went with our teacher to the bar for a goodbye session.At the end of the day we went back to our residence.

środa, 20 kwietnia 2016


Today we started from Spanish lessons with Anastazja. We learned many new words and useful phrases. Tomorrow we will take a test in Spanish. In the afternoon we went to the school where we continued our 3D projects. We designed a shock absorber which required a lot of work and consisted of many elements. The day passed very pleasantly. Now we

're beginning to study for a Spanish test.

wtorek, 19 kwietnia 2016


Today, after the morning Spanish session, some of us went to the shop 'Alcampo'. We went there mostly to buy presents for our families like olive oil or wine. When we were coming back it started to rain. After dinner we went to school. Today we had some more difficult tasks like making chess figures. We were exhausted, so when we ate supper, we immediately went to sleep.


Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny and hot day. In the morning we had a Spanish lesson. Some of us still don't understand it, specially the students who learn German at school. After delicious dinner we went to SAFA. We were doing our own projects which we would like to print, for example the World Trade Center, Airbus-A380, Iron Man's arc reactor etc.
When we came back to the residence, we ate supper and went to sleep.

niedziela, 17 kwietnia 2016


On the seventh day of practice,in the morning we had free time. Then, at about 1p.m we went to 
Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán stadium. When we  there we were suprised.The Stadium is huge and
beautiful.There we met many people who were waiting for the game to cheer their teams.We were 
pleasantly surprised when suddenly we saw that the opposing teams fans greeted each other,took 
pictures and exchanged scarves. They were nice to each other.After two o'clock when we got back we were surprised when we saw that the for lunch we had a Polish dish. This was "chicken 
soup".Unfortunately, it was not as good as in Poland but some of us were willing to try it.Then we 
went to the center of Seville to explore it. Then we returned to our residence.It was a nice day 
of relaxation.Tomorrow we are going back to work.